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About Me

I have always loved working with puzzles, both the process of putting pieces together as well as the satisfaction that comes with the end result. I enjoy expanding on my analytical and detail-oriented skills and my extensive administrative experience in real estate, construction and the finance industry has helped me further develop these skills as well as my strong problem-solving and time management skills.

I was motivated to switch to Web Development because I enjoy being able to see the products of my work. I love helping people and I would love to be able to contribute by working on products or services that can benefit a lot of people and as technology is everywhere this makes the tech field the perfect industry.

In my previous career as an Administrator, I also built on my communication skills through working on teams. I further honed my organizational abilities and prioritizing skills from balancing heavy work loads to meet deadlines. I believe all the above skills are crucial in web development such as paying attention to details as that is important when writing code.

Furthermore, in addition to continuously advancing my skills such as JavaScript, Express, Node and React I also love learning other things such as improving my Chinese and Danish or learning astronomy.

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Recipe Box is my capstone with BrainStation and it is a full stack web app that allows you to sort and find recipes and save and add recipes with ease. One notable feature is the ability to sort recipes by number of ingredients allowing users who do not have many ingredients at home to find a recipe with fewer ingredients so they do not have to buy items they cannot use up and would have expired otherwise. It uses HTML, CSS, SASS, JavaScript, Axios, React JS, Express JS, MySQL and Node JS and Knex JS. The site is hosted on Azure Static Web App with auto-generated url. In the backend it uses Azure App Service and MySQL database.


Calculator-app is a calculator I created with React, JavaScript and TypeScript. It can perform the different operations, delete entries and showcase the result.

Click here to go to the site!


Unit converter is a tool I created to help people convert from ounces to millimeters, inspired by local juice store. It uses React, Typescript, Javascript, HTML, CSS and SASS.

Click here to go to the site!

More to come...

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